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Colour as a therapy

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Coloring has a strength in every area of your life. From birth to death, our existence scenario addresses colour notionally and perceptibly. We perceive and experience them, as a result we are more aware of these people. The day depends on the dawn colour and ends together with the sunset shade and in among we also witness several colours with different tones and shades in the natural environment. All of us design each of our personal surroundings and go through the sense of belonging with the use of our favorite and suitable colors in the design process. Every colour possesses its own meaning. Thus, each of them evokes different thoughts. This shows that with its effectiveness, it may have an effect on human beings psychologically, physiologically and behaviorally. Every colour and colour combination has its own experience. They independently or as in relation to each other have a potential of becoming vision irritants and causing headaches. Their suitable usage can easily maximize efficiency and unwind the whole body system (Shehata, 2000).

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It may affect not merely people’s thoughts but likewise their brain waves, fireside rates, blood vessels pressures and respiratory prices (Kaiser, 1984, Martinson Bukoski, 2005), secretions of hormones, reactions to stresses, the autonomic stressed system plus the cerebral cortex where thoughts are located (Jin et ‘s., 2009). In their study, Jin et ing. (2009) reported that the red colour seemed to have the most effect on mental changes and directly damaged subjects’ parasympathetic nerve program activity which will adjusted blood pressure, the heart rate plus the respiratory rates below the regular level. The result of colours upon physiological features of the human body has been successfully used since colour remedy in various medical fields such as depression and cancer.

There is an old and wide-spread faith inside the healing benefits of colour (Helen, 1983). Consequently , colour is recommended to be applied as a treatment tool as regard to colour treatment. Colour healers believe in chakras that are evaluated as being energy centres inside the human body (O’Connor, 2011). These types of energy zones are shaped by several chakras. When there is too much or too little strength in every chakra basically no equilibrium in the energy of chakras then psychological wellbeing and personality will be influenced (Mahnke, 1996). Every single chakra gets along with one of the unreal colours that is certainly illustrated beneath and right balance inside the energy of chakras is restored through colour remedy.

1 . Vertex chakra (violet) is short for wisdom, and spiritual strength. It influences the pituitary gland.

2 . Your forehead chakra (indigo) stands for intuition (third eye) and affects the pineal gland.

3. Larynx chakra (blue) stands for religious inspiration, creativity, language and communication. This influences the thyroid gland.

4. Center chakra (green, pink) means love, compassion and harmony. It affects the cardiovascular system and the thymus gland.

5. Photo voltaic plexus chakra (yellow) stands for knowledge, intelligence and is as well the seat of tension. That influences the solar plexus and the adrenal body.

6. Spleen chakra (orange) stands for energy, and this influences the spleen and pancreas.

7. Basis chakra (red) stands for existence and reproduction. It impacts the sexual glands and sexual organs. (Mahnke, 1996)

Kopacz (as cited in O’Connor, 2011) associated shades with body system functions and dysfunctions inside each chakra area, such as:

1 . Red: Activates the circulation system and rewards the five senses, utilized to treat colds, paralysis, anaemia, ailments with the bloodstream and ailments with the lung

installment payments on your Blue: Increases metabolism, is used to support the center, muscles and bloodstream, utilized to treat burns up, skin diseases, glaucoma, measles and chicken breast pox, and throat complications

3. Green: Strengthens bones and muscle groups, disinfects bacterias and virus, and relieves tension, used to treat malaria, back problems, cancer, stressed disorders, and ulcers, also to manage heart issues and stress. (O’Connor, 2011) The physical influences of colour in human beings induce psychological reactions and internal manners to colour impress bodily responses (Birren, 1988). This means colour pervades almost all aspects of the full man, his body, brain, spirit, and emotion.

Many psychiatrists and psychologists have observed that reactions to shade are more energetic and emotional (Birren, 1988). Therefore , colour can have strong affects on someones moods and emotions. Helen (1983) discussed emotional reactions to color as:

Light of different colours entering a persons vision can indirectly affect the centre of the emotions in the hypothalamus, which in turn affects the pituitary gland. This kind of ‘master’ sweat gland controls the whole endocrine system, including the thyroid gland and sexual glands, therefore controls the hormone levels on this system plus the moods consequents upon all of them.

Because of the presented reasoned cycle, medical circles are using colour as a powerful method of treatment by simply stimulating internal emotion with colour (Jin et ing., 2009). The psychological replies to shade are generally studied with their qualitative descriptions in the literature just like anxiety, aggression, and delight.

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